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TitlePlatformTotal CheatsUser Cheats
BANG! Gunship Elite!Dreamcast21
18 WheelerDreamcast22
Pokemon Blue EditionGameboy947
Gauntlet LegendsPlaystation43
GEX 3: Deep Cover GeckoPlaystation11
Global DominationPlaystation77
Elemental GearboltPlaystation11
ESPN Xgames: Pro boardersPlaystation11
Eternal EyesPlaystation11
Excaliber 2555 Ad by Sir Tech SoftwarePlaystation11
Fatal Fury: Wild AmbitionPlaystation11
Fear EffectPlaystation33
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the RescuePlaystation72
2 ExtremePlaystation72
3 ExtremePlaystation82
Action BassPlaystation61
The FlashGameboy22
GO GO TankGameboy31
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXDreamcast55
Max SteelDreamcast44
Godzilla VMUDreamcast11
Grand Theft Auto 2Dreamcast44
Gundam Side Story 0079 Rise From The AshesDreamcast11
ECW: Hardcore RevolutionDreamcast22
Evolution 2 Far Off PromiseDreamcast33
Evolution: The World of Sacred DeviceDreamcast44
F355 Challenge : Passione RossaDreamcast11
Floigan Bros.Dreamcast11
Frogger 2Dreamcast55
Fur FightersDreamcast11
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXDreamcast54
Chicken RunDreamcast11
Dino CrisisDreamcast33
Chu Chu RocketDreamcast22
Donald Duck Goin' QuackersDreamcast33
Climax LandersDreamcast33
Coaster WorksDreamcast22
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesDreamcast11
Bust A Move 4Dreamcast44
Beat Mania GBGameboy31
Charge & BlastDreamcast33
Beat Mania GB 2Gameboy21
Confidential MissionDreamcast33
Aero Dancing FDreamcast11
Cool Boarders BurrrnDreamcast55
Aero Dancing SpecialDreamcast33
Crazy Taxi 2Dreamcast55
Aero Wings 2: AirstrikeDreamcast118
Dance Dance Revolution 2nd RemixDreamcast93
Chao AdventureDreamcast33
Zombie RevengeDreamcast33
A Bug's LifePlaystation11
Ball BreakersPlaystation22
Quake III ArenaDreamcast11
Battle Arena ToshindenPlaystation22
Tee OffDreamcast11
UEFA StrikerDreamcast55
Wild MetalDreamcast55
World Series Baseball 2K1Dreamcast11
007 RacingPlaystation72
Action Man: Operation ExtremePlaystation72
NBA 2KDreamcast44
Generator Volume 1Dreamcast22
NBA 2K1Dreamcast44
Giga Wings 2Dreamcast33
Godzilla GenerationsDreamcast55
Gunbird 2Dreamcast11
The GrinchDreamcast11
Hydro ThunderDreamcast22
Kao the KangarooDreamcast55
Cosmo TankGameboy65
Maken XDreamcast22
Flag to Flag Cart RacingDreamcast33
Championship SurferDreamcast11
Card Hero Trading And BattleGameboy21
Biohazard 2Dreamcast22
Blue StingerDreamcast22
Buggy HeatDreamcast11
Daytona USA 2Dreamcast44
Cannon SpikeDreamcast11
Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the FutureDreamcast22
Boarder ZoneGameboy53
Captain PlanetGameboy21

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