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Studio: Namco
Genre: Action Video Games
Release Date: 25th February, 2003
ESRB Rating: Teen

The Federation seeks to expand humanity's reach in the universe, but the brutal race called the Gnosis stands in their way. This hostile life form must be dealt with -- by force if necessary. Enter an epic storyline with captivating visuals and beautiful, interactive environments. Breathtaking visuals will captivate players as the spell system and attacks practically jump off the screen. Take a break from the action by playing 4 exciting mini-games. In-game database helps players track their game information


naked Kos-Mos

To do this cheat after you beat a enemy and Kos-Mos says she needs cleaning press start it will say clean Kos-Mos clean her and then during when she breaks the window her costume will fly off and she is naked for the rest of the game unless you press clean again. Rating:
Added by: abcdefg
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