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Studio: Activision Inc.
Genre: Adventure Games
Release Date: 20th September, 2005
ESRB Rating: Teen

Choose up to 4 players from the X-Men or Brotherhood teams and send them on missions. Each of the 16 playable characters has 10 superpowers you can use for awesome fighting, melee or ranged attacks - all upgradeable as you earn expereince & complete missions. Online and offline multiplayer modes feature dynamic joining that lets your friends jump into the action at any time. Flexible, open-ended storyline lets you determine the outcome of the battle -- theatrical-quality FMV move the story along. 6 multiplayer skirmish modes offer head-to-head versus action, side-by-side battles against enemies and more


go invisable

during gameplay hold r1 n l1 and press o,triangle,squre,o,triangle if its right they will power up the walk to the wall n go through it Rating:
Added by: poplop555
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