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Studio: UBI Soft
Genre: Sports and Outdoors Games
Release Date: 29th September, 2004
ESRB Rating: Teen

Incredible Career Mode unlocks the untold stories of Drago, Clubber, Apollo, and Rocky prior to the events of the movies. Take control of 40 boxers appearing in the 5 Rocky films - train them just like in the films, from chasing chicken in a Philly yard to pumping up in Drago's high-tech gym. Face off against friends in two-player VS. Training Mode. Authentic locations from the films -- from a Vegas casino to the docks in Philly. Classic music tracks from the hit movies complete the Rocky experience


Career Mode Development

Max out your speed first, then your strength. This helps in the matches because all you have to do is keep throwing hooks, then when your opponent is dazed, use your Super Punch to knock him down. After you have maxed out speed and strength, you should be able to defeat all of your opponents with ease using hooks. Rating:
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Easy Knockdown

At the beginning of the initial fight when your opponent is approaching you, use your special power punch. This will stagger him. When he approaches you again, hit him with another special power punch, then attack him with an array of body punches. His strength will drop. Keep attacking him to knock him down and thus win the fight. Rating:
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