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Studio: Capcom
Genre: Action Games
Release Date: 7th August, 2006
ESRB Rating: Mature

2 Main Characters! Employs the new "Partner Zapping" system.. Resident Evil Zero features two main characters: Rebecca, a rookie Raccoon City Police Officer who first appeared in the original Resident Evil, and Billy, a framed convict on the run.. This new system allows players to follow the adventure of both characters successively by using the 'Zapping' ability. This ability allows players toswitch between the two main characters at the blink of an eye. If either character runs out of health, the game is over. More details regarding this revolutionary system are to follow.


Access Secret Level

Beat the game on any dificulty and you won't need 100% to do this just beat the game and you will access the Leech Hunter game and when you play this you can activate hidden cheats that become permanet when you play from the save file you used to access this level. Happy Hunting. Rating:
Added by: Nanaki
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