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Studio: Namco
Genre: Computer and Video Game Collections
Release Date: 12th October, 1999
ESRB Rating: Everyone



Codes and such

QuestMode Codes
MaxPac Dots80153C6800FF
80153C62 0FFF
100Cherries on Pick-Up80153E160063
100Strawberries on Pick-Up80153E180063
100Oranges on Pick-Up80153E1A0063
100Apples on Pick-Up80153E1E0063
100Bananas on Pick-Up80153E200063
HavePACMAN (Press Select)D014790A0001
50000602 0000
80153E58 0001
ClassicMode Codes
MazeMode Codes
80153C60 FFFF
100Melons on Pick-Up80153E220063
100Lemons on Pick-Up80153E240063
100Peaches on Pick-Up80153E1C0063
100Bells on Pick-Up80153E280063
100Galaxians on Pick-Up80153E260063
100Keys on Pick-Up80153E2E00063
UnlockPirate Level 180153E8400FF
PirateLevel 1 Completed80153DA200FF
UnlockPirate Level 280153E7800FF
PirateLevel 2 Completed80153DA400FF
UnlockPirate Level 380153E7C00FF
PirateLevel 3 Completed80153DA600FF
UnlockPirate Level 480153E8000FF
PirateLevel 4 Completed80153DA800FF
PirateLevel 5 Completed80153DAA00FF
PirateLevel 6 Completed80153DAC00FF
UnlockRuins Level 180153E6800FF
RuinsLevel 1 Completed80153DAE00FF
UnlockRuins Level 280153E6C00FF
RuinsLevel 2 Completed80153DB000FF
UnlockRuins Level 380153E7400FF
RuinsLevel 3 Completed80153DB200FF
RuinsLevel 4 Completed80153DB400FF
RuinsLevel 5 Completed80153DB600FF
RuinsLevel 6 Completed80153DB800FF
UnlockSpace Level 180153CE800FF
SpaceLevel 1 Completed80153DBA00FF
UnlockSpace Level 280153CEC00FF
SpaceLevel 2 Completed80153DBC00FF
UnlockSpace Level 380153CF000FF
SpaceLevel 3 Completed80153DBE00FF
UnlockSpace Level 480153CF400FF
SpaceLevel 4 Completed80153DC000FF
SpaceLevel 5 Completed80153DC200FF
SpaceLevel 6 Completed80153DC400FF
UnlockFunhouse Level 180153CF800FF
FunhouseLevel 1 Completed80153DC600FF
UnlockFunhouse Level 280153CFC00FF
FunhouseLevel 2 Completed80153DC800FF
UnlockFunhouse Level 380153D0000FF
FunhouseLevel 3 Completed80153DCA00FF
UnlockFunhouse Level 480153D0400FF
FunhouseLevel 4 Completed80153DCC00FF
FunhouseLevel 5 Completed80153DCE00FF
FunhouseLevel 6 Completed80153DD000FF
UnlockFactory Level 180153D1400FF
FactoryLevel 1 Completed80153DD200FF
UnlockFactory Level 280153D1800FF
FactoryLevel 2 Completed80153DD400FF
UnlockFactory Level 380153D1C00FF
FactoryLevel 3 Completed80153DD600FF
UnlockFactory Level 480153D2000FF
FactoryLevel 4 Completed80153DD800FF
FactoryLevel 5 Completed80153D2600FF
FactoryLevel 6 Completed80153D2800FF
UnlockMansion Level 180153D0800FF
MansionLevel 1 Completed80153D2A00FF
UnlockMansion Level 280153D0C00FF
MansionLevel 2 Completed80153D2C00FF
UnlockMansion Level 380153D1000FF
MansionLevel 3 Completed80153D2E00FF
MansionLevel 4 Completed80153D3000FF
MansionLevel 5 Completed80153D3200FF
MansionLevel 6 Completed80153D3400FF
UnlockGallery & All Mazes Completed
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
80153D26 00FF
50001C02 0000
80153DA2 00FF
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Extra continues

Select classic mode. Then before pressing Start to begin a game, press Select to raise the number of continues up to ninety-nine. Rating:
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Pac-Man World..Space

How do I defeat the King Galaxian??
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chevygirl68 asked:

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Pac-Man World..Space

How do you enter codes into the game and or the Playstation??
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