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phil10 asked:

On 07-01-2011

pes 2011

i need easy scoring cheat and special players features
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xiyaad answered:

On 07-19-2011
go attack keeper will come and u will press x u will get a penalty
rodrick1 answered:

On 08-28-2011
I dont dem.hve u got any cheats on PES2011
tyinks asked:

On 09-14-2011

winnin matches

i need cheats in winning matches and scoring goals, with hard tackels!
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tolulopesamson asked:

On 10-11-2012


how to mark my opponent
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ayanfe asked:

On 02-01-2013


I nid a cheat 2 weaken my opponent's player
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mallon asked:

On 05-04-2013


i wan a code dat will make my players shot to be unblockable by goalkeepers
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