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Studio: Electronic Arts
Genre: Hockey Games
Release Date: 8th September, 2006
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Sports Sniper Stick - With a flick of the stick, pick your spot and execute brilliant signature shots while controlling the power and location of each shot. Create your own scoring opportunities and go to the net in style. Realistic Puck Momentum (R.P.M.) means the puck is dangerous- hard shots can injure defensemen, shake up goalies in the crease, or knock water bottles off the net to add insult to injury. Classic Deking Control - Movement on the ice is more intuitive as you skate and deke using the stick. Own the ice like the the glory days of the EA Sports classic NHL 94. Fluid Skating Response - Feel what it's like to skate on an icy surface. Make smoother crossovers as you glide through turns with a more authentic response. Create a player who looks like you, with the new Analog body and facial sculpting controls -- now YOU can raise the cup!


Super goal!

When going to the net, use the right control stick in any direction to score with an unbelievable goal. Rating:
Added by: elmoX
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