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Studio: "Sega of America, Inc."
Genre: none
Release Date: 1st January, 1970
ESRB Rating: Everyone



Codes and secrets

Code Menu

Please do the following:

After that, you The ''CODES'' circle will be unlocked. Click options, click gameplay, hold your left keypad and move your right analog stick to the right. Hold them and press start. Unlock the VC, SEGA, and NBA2k2 teams. Type MEGASTARS in codes section.


Have home crowd raise balloons when opponent shoots free-throws
Simply press the Square button before your opponent shoots the ball.
Added by: Toe
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All codes and secrets

Cheat menu 
Enter the options menu and select "Gameplay". Hold D-pad Left + Left Analog-stick Right and press Start. The "Codes" selection will now be unlocked at the options menu.

Bonus teams 
Enter "MEGASTARS" as a case-sensitive code at the cheat menu to unlock the Sega Sports, Visual Concepts, and Team 2K2 in exhibition and street modes. -From:

Play as a Legends team in season mode 
Go to season mode and edit the season. Take out any team and put in the Legends team.

Easy three pointers with Allen Iverson 
Choose Allen Iverson and go to the left side of the court near the corner. If a defender is checking you, upfake. When he flies away trying to block your shot, shoot the three pointer. The release must be excellent. After shooting two or three of them, he will become hot.

Easy win 
Turn off fouling in the NBA rules section of the options menu. Use the intentional foul to make the other team drop the ball, pick it up, score, and repeat as needed. Turn off fouls and goaltending then just keep blocking them and there will be no foul.

Easy dunk 
To do the Vince Carter dunk (under the legs) on a break away, control Stackhouse, Bryant, Carter, Macgrady, or any other good player. Hold Turbo and go up for a dunk. You will make it most of the time.


Game Shark Codes 

Master Code (Must Be On) 0E3C7DF2 1645EBB3
0C077967 F8938897 
Press R1 + Select For More Time EC7918A9 F8FCF7FC
3C85C43F BB16FEFE 
Press R2 + Select to End Quarter EC7918A9 F8FCF1FC
Start in 2nd Quarter EC85C413 F8FCFEF1
2C85C413 F8FCFEF0 
Start in 3rd Quarter EC85C413 F8FCFEF1
2C85C413 F8FCFEF3 
Start in 4th Quarter EC85C413 F8FCFEF1
2C85C413 F8FCFEF2 
Home Team Scores 0 1C7D1EBF F8FCFEFE 
Home Team Scores 200 1C7D1EBF F8FCFEB6 
Away Team Scores 0 1C7D1FDB F8FCFEFE 
Away Team Scores 200 1C7D1FDB F8FCFEB6 
Added by: kylec
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