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Studio: Rockstar Games
Genre: Adventure Games
Release Date: 29th April, 2008
ESRB Rating: Mature

Carry on the Grand Theft Auto tradition playing through the single player campaign as Niko Bellic. Get cars and other modes of transportation anyway you can. Interact with various colorful characters who give you various missions to engage in. Engage in multiplayer challenges ranging from cover matches to shoot-outs. Game Rated 'M' due to Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol

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Infinite health

This cheat code will give you infinite health. When you go to niko's cell phone and type in 4325840100 Rating:
Added by: Keilonza
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jetmax appears (speedboat)

go on to niko's cellphone and type in 9385550100 then the jetmax will appear(go on a doc) Rating:
Added by: connor9988
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jturner asked:

On 02-02-2010

grand theft auto 4

is there an infinite ammo cheat for the game are there any exotic car cheats on the game
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connor9988 answered:

On 12-30-2010
you can get a exotic car cheat but there is not a infenent ammo cheat (enless you hack it)
jacksonville answered:

On 07-29-2011
no you have to get 100% complete in the game

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