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Studio: KOEI Corp
Genre: Adventure Games
Release Date: 16th November, 2005
ESRB Rating: Teen

Deeds you accomplish and items you receive in Legend and Destiny modes are converted into currency, and can be used to purchase new items in Xtreme mode. Uncover 18 all-new maps with historical and fictional scenarios, in Legend mode. All-new Edit modes, with adjustable height & weight with voice and weapon options. Two additional Challenge courses - In Gatekeeper, you'll defend a gateway against waves of rushing enemies; In Speed Strike you'll demolish everything in your path before the clock runs out. Use character and weapon power-ups found in Xtreme Mode to power up a fellow warrior's stats and weapon, or your own


Create a character costumes:

Costume 1 (male or female): Initially available. Costume 2 (male or female): Learned: Charge and Level 1 Health; reached class "Sergeant". Costume 3 (male or female): Learned at least one of Archery or Search skills; reached class "Sergeant". Costume 4 (male or female): Learned Musou and Level 2 Health; learned Plate Mail or Basic (Mount skill); reached class "Major". Costume 5 (male or female): Learned at least two of Leader and Search skills; reached class "Major". Costume 6 (male or female): Learned at least two of Leader and Tactic skills; reached class "Major". Costume 7 (male or female): Bad contribution rating on any stage (your officer will scold at you after the stage and you will get this costume instantly). Costume 8 (male or female): Learned Rage (Kakesei) and Level 3 Health; learned at least two of Advanced (Mount skill), March or Rally (Leader skills); reached class "Lt. General". Costume 9 (male or female): Learned at least six of Leader, Tactic and Search skills; reached class "Lt. General". Costume 10 (male): After 8 stages, a total of 1500 skills or more. Costume 10 (female): Play for all three kingdoms once (spy two times). Rating:
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