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The following codes are typed at the title screen

Square, R1(5), R2(2)-unlock all Shu Generals.
L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1-unlock edit mode.

To unlock the special guitar modes, you need to type the following codes at the mode select screen.



The follwing codes are used to get different modes:

B, G, G, R, G, P-Random Mode
R, G, B, P, P-Fast Flow Mode
R, G, B, P, P, R, G, B, P, P-Super Fast Flow Mode
R, B, G, B, R, G-Hidden Mode
R, B, G, B, R, G, R, B, G, B, R, G-Blank Screen Mode

Hit the following drum sequences to activate the following modes Note: These codes take awhile, so prepare to spend some time getting them.

Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Snare, Snare, High Tom, Low Tom, High Tom, Bass, Bass-Expert Mode
Hi-Hat, Snare, Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Snare, Hi-Hat, Bass-Speed Up Mode
Low Tom, High Tom, Low Tom, High Tom, Low Tom, Bass-Hidden Mode
Snare, Snare, High Tom, Low Tom, High Tom, Bass-Mirror Mode
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