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Studio: Infogrames
Genre: fighting_action_games
Release Date: 4th December, 2002
ESRB Rating: Teen

Follow theDragon Ball Z animated series from Saiyan Saga to Cell Games!. Face off with up to 23 mighty Dragon Ball Z warriors!. Unlock, customize, and trade devastating skills with friends to create the most powerful fighters in the universe!. Fight in 5 epic play modes.

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Unlockables Unlock Fighters Cell Defeat Cell in Story Mode. #16 Defeat #16 in Android Saga. #17 Defeat #17 in Android Saga. #18 Defeat #18 in Android Saga. #19 Defeat #19 in Android Saga. Frieza Defeat Frieza in Story Mode Dodoria Defeat Freiza with Vegeta in Story Mode. Yamcha Defeat Yamcha as Cell in Story Mode. Raditz Defeat Raditz in Story Mode. Hercule Defeat World Tournament in Adept Mode. Vegeta Defeat Vegeta in Story Mode. Napp Defeat Nappa in Story Mode. Zarbon Defeat Zarbon with Vegeta in Story Mode. Trunks Clear Perfect Cell Complete. Recoome Defeat Recoome the first time as Vegeta in Story Mode. Captain Ginyu Defeat Ginyu in Story Mode after he takes over Goku's body. Great Saiyaman Defeat the World Tournament in Advanced Mode. Teen Gohan Beat A Warrior Beyond Goku to unlock him Unlock Side-Quests Vegeta Side-Quest Beat Story Mode Cell Side-Quest Clear the Android Saga Frieza Side-Quest Clear the Namekian Saga Unlock Modes Legend of Hercule Mode Beat the World Tournament on Adept Level. You can then buy the mode from Mr. Popo's Shop. Adept and Advanced World Tournaments Beat the Novice World Tournament. You can then buy this mode from Mr. Popo's shop. Easter Eggs Control Dragon Radar at loading screen During the loading screen, move the left analog stick left and right to move the radar's screen light back and forth. Rating:
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Dragonball Z :Budokai

How to gat the great saiyamen? You beat the World tournament in advance. Rating:
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