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Studio: UBI Soft
Genre: Action Video Games
Release Date: 14th December, 2000
ESRB Rating: Everyone



Boss Guide

Bernadette the Bird
Bernadette is fairly easy. Just try and avoid the falling eggs and kick or butt stomp the chicks as they hatch. After Bernadette has thrown a number of eggs she will jump down and here helmet will fall off. Take this moment to butt stomp her exposed head. Bop here on the head three times and Bernadette is done for.

The Beagle Boys
The Beagle Boys can be a little tricky but with a little help they should be no problem. The boys will use a three-attack cycle that gets harder each time around. At first they will try and smash poor Donald with a wrecking ball. The first time this happens you don't have to worry
about the floor giving out the but second and third time the Beagle Boys try this the wrecking ball will leave holes. Try and keep the ball from only smashing the ground in one area so you have the rest of the level clear to run around with out working about falling through. This will make it much easier when you?re trying to avoid the crane and the bombs the Beagles throw at you next. Keep moving and jump when needed to avoid the bombs. Finally the boys will try and hit you by swinging the wrecking ball. If you place Donald in the bottom right corner the ball should miss you every time. After a few swings back-and-forth the ball will hit the crane knocking one of the Beagle Boys off. Run over and give him a good kick or stomp.

Magica De Spell
Magica will use spells on you but with a little timing they are easily avoided. The first set of spells will crawl along the floor. Jump as they get near. The second set of spells will shoot tall pillars of magic down on you but are easily avoidable if you stand between the shadows. For her final attack Magica De Spell will summon skeletons to attack you as she starts to circle around the top of the screen. To hit Magica De Spell kick a skeleton so that it's head pops
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Special Moves List

Duckie Mountain
Yogabound - Up, X(x4)
Ring a Ding-Ding - Up, Circle(x4)
Soap Opera - Up, X, Circle, X, Circle
Pole Pose - Up, X, Circle, Circle, X

Soccer Shop - Right, X, X, Circle, Circle
Spicy Golf - Right, Triangle(x4)
Fab Lifting - Right, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square

Magica's Manor
Tap Ten - Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square
Ballet Basket - Down, Square(x4)
Stilt Tilt - Down, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

To pull off a special move butt stomp three consecutive enemies then immediately press R1 and enter one of the above codes within three seconds. After correctly enter a code Donald will become invincible for a few seconds.
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never dies

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