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Game Shark Codes

Note You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.
EnableCode (Must Be On)F1192B802400
InfiniteSidewinder Ammo8020A9B000FF
InfiniteShock Wave Ammo8020A9B100FF
InfiniteChvizatergo Ammo8020A9B200FF
InfiniteShot Cycler Ammo8020A9B300FF
InfiniteIon Cannon Ammo8020A9B400FF
InfiniteDisc Of Dredalus Ammo8020A9B50063
InfintieVenomous Ammo8020A9B600FF
InfinitePoseidon Trident Ammo8020A9B700FF
InfiniteHammer Ammo8020A9B80000
InfiniteSunflares Ammo8020A9B900FF
InfiniteBolter Ammo8020A9BA00FF
InfiniteBallista Ammo8020A9BB00FF
InfiniteStavros Stave Ammo8020A9BC00FF
InfiniteWyndraxs Wisp Ammo8020A9BD00FF
HaveWeapon Modifier8120A8F6????
QuantityDigits to Accompany Have Weapon Modifier Code
0001- Disrupter Glove
0002 - Side Winder
0004 - Shock Wave
0008 - Chivizatergo
0010 - Shot Cycler
0020 - Ion Cannon
0040 - Disc Of Dredalus
0080 - Venomous
0100 - Poseidon Trident
0200 - Hammer
0400 - Sunflares
0800 - Silver Claw
1000 - Bolter
2000 - Ballista
4000 - Stavros Stave
8000 - Wyndraxs Wisp
FFFF - All Of The Above
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