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Studio: Activision Publishing
Genre: shooter_action_games
Release Date: 9th November, 2010
ESRB Rating: Mature

Wide array of play modes including single player, local multiplayer versus and online co-op and multiplayer. Seventh installment of the Call of Duty series, based on the live fire conflicts of the Cold War era. Diverse variety of play setting ranging from urban air and ground combat in SE Asia, to snow combat in Soviet region and jungle combat. Blending of traditional COD, and new first-person character scenarios designed to both retain the essence of the COD gaming experience and ensure constantly flowing and varied action. New arsenal of weapons and vehicles tied to the Cold War era, including the SR-71 Blackbird and sited explosive-tipped crossbows

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cheat codes

On the Main Menu, alternately tap RIGHT and LEFT triggers. After about 5 taps a piece, you'll stand up. Leave your seat and examine the back wall. A small black and white computer terminal can be found here. Approach it and enter these codes using the on-screen keyboard in the "Central Intelligence Agency Data System." * DOA - Play the super-awesome top-down Smash TV-style Dead Ops Arcade minigame * 3ARC INTEL - Unlocks all the intel in the game for viewing (Disables Closer Analysis Trophy/Achievement) * 3ARC UNLOCK - Unlocks all Zombie Mode levels * ZORK - Unlocks Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (an incredibly great text adventure from 1980) which you can play on the console (!) * HELP - Gives you a list of commands to interface with the console -- you can check mail messages and perform other mundane functions, some of which are listed below * DIR - Gives a list of audio files and pictures which you can open with the CAT command (e.g. CAT NoteX.txt) * WHO - Gives a list of login names for use with the RLOGIN function (but they require a password) * LOGIN - Log in with username and password (see Terminal Login Names cheat) * RLOGIN DREAMLAND - Login to an account with MJ12 access (see Dreamland Server cheat) * MAIL - Opens mail folder for current user * FOOBAR - Gives a strange message ("Fee Fie Foe Foo!") * ALICIA - Loads "Alicia," a virtual therapist Rating:
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